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Non-Custodial Wallet

A blockchain wallet that lets you have full control of your funds with your private keys. No central bodies have access to your keys, passwords and digital assets. Users will have total anonymity as there is no KYC process for the wallet.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

A system where financial products are open to anyone to use and does not rely on companies or institutions such as banks or brokerages to facilitate a transaction. Smart contracts are used to create protocols that replicate existing financial services in a transparent manner.

Smart Contract

A self-executing contract containing the terms and conditions of an agreement among peers. It is like a digital vending machine where there is no requirement for a clerk or cashier. A set of rules once deployed to the network automates transactions between peers as programmed.

Peer to multi peer (P2MP)

The decentralized interactions between parties in a distributed network which assigns tasks and workloads between peers. Here, peers can exchange digital assets or data without intermediaries.

Atomic Swap

A technique that allows for quick trade of cryptocurrencies from different blockchain networks from one party to another, without the use of an exchanges or other intermediary.

Few Words About Us

Trio Ace is a decentralized community ecosystem system that began with an idea in 2020 to resolve public monetary challenges via a combination of blockchain technology and crowdfunding system.

A transparent and secure platform was created with the goal of giving a positive impact to the global community in terms of funds and education to explore the cryptocurrency market.

Ecosystem for the Future

Build your capital and store your cryptocurrencies privately with the Trio Ace wallet. With the instant distribution of payments and online ledgers, you can confidently work towards achieving your financial freedom.


Our mission is to provide a blockchain crowdfunding platform in an open financial system where everyone can achieve financial freedom.


Our vision is to accelerate and educate the global community into adapting and migrating towards decentralized finance for an access to equal economic opportunities.

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Why Choose Us?

Non-custodial (HD Wallet)

Private keys of the crypto wallets are held solely by the users, making it more secure and private to use.

Multi-level earnings

Worlds first board system on blockchain network that allows you to earn four levels of earnings.

No payment holding

All the payments are channelled instantly to each member's wallet address as each criteria is met.

Unlimited withdrawal

There is no withdrawal limit for the user. One can withdraw as little or as much as they want at any given time.


Distribution ledgers are viewable in the smart contract, which are easily accessible to everyone online.

1 profile -Multiple accounts

A new account will be automatically reborn each time the Starter and Advance boards are completed.


(Multi-Sig) Multi-signature addresses provide an added layer of security by requiring more than one key to authorize a transaction.

Accelerated transactions

Blockchain brings automation through a smart contract, which eliminates the need for human-driven operations.

Immutable smart contract

Any changes to the system cannot be made once the contract is defined and deployed, which ensures the program's security and transparency

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It is designed this way to build a strong community database and to reward members that help grow the reach of the programme through networking. This database built over time then becomes a platform to design future ventures such as *insert roadmap teaser*. There are various propositions to give back to the community via philanthropy.
• To be part of history in the making. Technology and innovation are inevitable. By being a member in this reliable programme, opportunity is created for each member to learn about and generate digital assets for the future. Trio Ace is reliable for various reasons;

a. This programme is automated via smart contract meaning there is no human interference. It is accurate, fast, efficient, stores records automatically and removes possibility of error or manipulation.

b. The ledgers stored are transparent and are viewable via Tronscan. A member can also see the real time peer to peer transfers and verify that there is no money held by the organisation (balance = 0 USD).

c. The wallet is a non-custodial which means your privacy and security is maintained. Members will have full control of their funds with their own private keys. The funds in the wallet are not accessible by the organisation.
No. There are no funds held by the organisation, thus it cannot be exploited by shutting down the programme. The smart contract redirects the funds between participants in the programmed manner. All transfers are made irrevocably between participants in real time. The transferred funds are made to the participant’s non-custodial HD wallet where privacy is maintained and security is high.
• Trio Ace is all about innovation. These are some determinants that make Trio Ace International stand out;

a. Having the programme run 100% fully on smart contract and blockchain technology. While there are similar programmes out there operating minimally on smart contract, by having the system run fully on smart contract, Trio Ace completely eliminates human interference. This can be verified by blockchain explorers. Since Trio Ace operates in the TRON network, it can be verified via Tronscan.

b. The transparency of the Trio Ace system. All distribution ledgers are viewable in the smart contract address via Tronscan. As soon as a member joins, the distribution of payments can be seen in real-time.

c. Trio Ace has its own non-custodial wallet. This means the keys of the wallet are held directly by the user and there can be no access to the wallet by the creators and the organisation. This gives users high levels of privacy and security.

d. Trio Ace International encourages Decentralised Finance (DeFi). The system runs on blockchain technology and smart contracts. All transactions are directly between participants, thus not relying on any central financial intermediaries. This makes transaction costs cheaper, faster and more efficient.

e. Atomic swaps allow members to exchange their digital assets without going through exchanges. This means wallets remain decentralized, risks are lower, and trading is even cheaper.
No withdrawal is required as the funds are distributed automatically in real-time to the participant’s wallet as the criteria is met. This is achieved through the smart contract and is viewable via Tronscan. The funds in the wallet can then be swapped, transferred or exchanged as and when the member wants to.